Event Ideas

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Event Ideas by Mind Map: Event Ideas

1. Shelter Making Party

1.1. Solicit local hardware shops for materials

1.1.1. Pinecastle Hardware

2. Block Party

2.1. Where??

2.2. How Large?

2.3. Activities?

2.3.1. Entertainment?

2.3.2. Raffle?

2.3.3. Vendors?


2.4.1. SPCA

2.4.2. Food Trucks

2.4.3. Adoptions

2.4.4. Live Music? Need Stage & Mic

3. Neighborhood Walk

3.1. Join Comp. Sci?

3.2. Amazing Race idea. Almost same concept as last year but have teams go around downtown doing random activities for points. Things like, take a picture of harbour center.

4. Scavenger Hunt?!?!


5.1. Talk to CARE

5.2. Brainstorm Meeting

5.3. Assign Duties

5.3.1. Event Leader Event Comittee Volunteer Recruiting & Management Marketing Vendor Coordinator Pre-Event Donations Activities Coordinator

5.4. Recruit Volunteers

5.5. Recruit Donors

5.5.1. Solicit Raffle Prizes?

5.6. Recruit Vendors

5.7. Create Marketing Plan

5.7.1. Target Audience?

5.7.2. Secure Marketing Materials