Human System_ By: Kessler _5A

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Human System_ By: Kessler _5A by Mind Map: Human System_ By: Kessler _5A

1. Artery

1.1. Transport oxygen,digested food and waste materials

1.2. Capillaries

1.2.1. Transports oxygen,digested food

2. Blood Vessels

3. Vein

3.1. Transports carbon dioxide,waste substance

4. Circulatory System

4.1. Blood

4.1.1. Transports substances Oxygen Digested Food Waste materials carbon dioxide Water

4.1.2. is made up of Plasma Red blood cell White blood cell Platelet

4.2. Heart

4.2.1. A muscular organ that pumps blood

5. Digestive System

5.1. Gullet

5.2. Mouth

5.3. Stomach

5.4. Small Intestines

6. Respiratory System

6.1. Helps the Body take in air and removes carbon diovide

6.2. Parts of the respiratory system

6.2.1. Lungs

6.2.2. Nose

6.2.3. Windpipe

7. Muscular System

7.1. Work Together With The Skeletal System to move