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1. Terrorism

1.1. 9/11 killed nearly 3,000 Americans

1.2. the pentagon, the thwarted flight, and the twin towers all happened on the same day.

2. Foreign Policy/ Relations

2.1. George W Bush set up foreign policy to support a stronger economic and political relationship with Latin America.

3. Ideology/ Political Beliefs

3.1. George Washington was part of the Republican party.

3.2. George W Bush Supported free market Heath Care.

4. Economics

4.1. A lot of tax cuts and a free market ideology.

5. National Defense

5.1. Bush formed a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security, sent American forces into Afghanistan to break up the Taliban, a movement under Osama bin Laden that trained financed and exported terrorist teams.

6. Domestic Issues

6.1. Had to deal with Iraq and also was in the 9/11 issue. This was very stressful things for one guy to decide on. He made some good choice and some bad choices.

7. Background

7.1. Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut while his father was attending Yale University after service in World War II. The family moved to Midland, Texas, where the senior Bush entered the oil exploration business.Bush graduated from Yale, received a business degree from Harvard, and then returned to Midland where he too got into the oil business. In Midland he met and married Laura Welch, a teacher and librarian.

8. Interesting Facts

8.1. On May 5, 2001, was the first President ever to deliver a speech in both Spanish and English.

8.2. He took a five-week long vacation in August, 2005.

8.3. Has been titled the 'Vacation President' because he took over 900 days off in his 8 year tenure.

8.4. The first President to have run a marathon. He completed it in 3 hours, 44 minuteThe first President to have run a marathon. He completed it in 3 hours, 44 minutes.

9. Scandal

9.1. Had to deal with the 9/11 bombing. When 9/11 happened he was reading a book to a class of 2nd graders and was told that the Twin Towers was hit by a plane. Also he had to fix Iraq and send soldiers to fight for his country. Sent a squad of solders to find and capture Binladin.