How to cosplay

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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How to cosplay by Mind Map: How to cosplay

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1.1. Once you've researched what you want to do, how your going to do it, what you need, and where you can get it for the cheapest price and still acceptable quality, you can buy the materials.

1.1.1. Most people start off with what is most important for a cosplay, or rather what they can't pull together last minute. Such as ordering a wig, --of which most style afterwards--, and sewing. For props if you are creating something large or something to carry on you, such as armor or something large like The War Hammer Of Zillywho, you always have to keep in mind the texture, but also the mass. If something is too heavy to pick up, than what's the point of it?

1.1.2. If cosplayers wish to enter in a contest at the con, they have to make everything from the costume themselves. Contests can offer prizes as large as expensive sewing machines, tickets to the convention next year, and trips to visit other countries as well as being entered in a contest there to win even more prizes.

1.1.3. When buying fabric, you should keep in mind that millions of people attend well-known conventions, and it can get rather hot, considering the cons are held indoors. ((Also, always bring LOTS of water and drink it constantly. Many people forget to stay well-hydrated at cons and forget to eat, so plenty of people pass out.)) Also keep in mind your budget, as well as how you want the material to appear. texture can create a feeling of realism. For example, in movies people feel memorized and the fabric looks as if the clothes are actually from that timezone, creating a convincing atmosphere.

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2.1. Cosplay is when a person dresses up as a fictional character from a movie, comic, webcomic, TV show, or book. It's one of my hobbies and have learned many things threw experimenting with different materials, the wonderful people I meet, and by seeking information and tutorials online.

2.1.1. Another form of cosplay is crossplay. Crossplay is practically the same thing as cosplay, except its when you cosplay a character of the opposite gender. Planning is a very important part of cosplay, if you don't make a schedule, design, plan, and do measurements before hand, you will finish later than expected, -which can be an important factor if you wish to go to a convention-, encounter problems, as well it might not come out the way you want it. Research is an important factor of cosplay, research can teach you new skills as well as ways to make the items and props you wish to cosplay with. For most cosplayers, it's much more efficient to buy wigs and less common makeup products online, and by checking a couple of sites you can find a fifty-to-sixty dollar wig for the same quality for twenty dollars

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