Considering ulternatives Session 1

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Considering ulternatives Session 1 by Mind Map: Considering ulternatives Session 1

1. Problem formulation (put it in a senates)

1.1. 48 y male fainted after standing up in a stressful morning and seeking for advice in regard to his doughter recent sexuall relation

2. Step 1

2.1. Identify terms and cues

2.2. New terms

2.2.1. stood up to stand up suddenly

2.3. cues

2.3.1. male 48 y o

2.3.2. passed out in work

2.3.3. presented to the clinic and looked worry and distress

2.3.4. pale and seatywhent standing up

2.3.5. stressful morning and miss lunch

2.3.6. after falling he wake up after few seconds

2.3.7. more stress with new job

2.3.8. more stress after he knew about his doughter

2.4. 10 minutes

3. Step 4

3.1. Hypothesis organization (tentative solution)

3.1.1. CVS ciculatory arrhthemia aortic stenosis anatomical structure anemia

3.1.2. non CVS psychiatric problem ? transient ischemia epilipsy medication ?

3.1.3. chronic fatque organic non organic

3.2. 20 minutes

4. Step 5

4.1. Formulate learning objectives

4.1.1. chronic fatque causes risk factors mechanisim

4.1.2. fainting mechanisim causes stress??? posteral hypotension risk factors mechanisim

4.2. 10 minutes

5. Step 2

5.1. 10 minutes

6. Step 3

6.1. 40 minutes

6.2. Hypothesis generation (brainstorming)

6.2.1. fainting vasovagal syncope stress, hunger vasodilation reduces BP accumlation of blood in peripheral cicurlation less blood to the brain brain shut down medications? posteral hypotension only in this morning cus it was stressful morning plus the family and missed lunch diabetese ? psychiatric problem ? low glocuse combination of both mechanisim emotional fainting reduces the heart rate which reducescerebral blood flow neurogenic shock circulatory shock means uneffecient sympathtic damge to the spinal cord or the brain (trauma) cardiac problem aortic stenosis arrhythmia caused by stress and lead to strok ? transient ischemia epilipsy

6.2.2. stress doughter change the job cause tachycardia cause strok

6.2.3. missed lunch exacerbate the problem low fliud hypoglycemia