WindowsPlast ICT 2014

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WindowsPlast ICT 2014 by Mind Map: WindowsPlast ICT 2014

1. Mail & instant messaging

1.1. Product & provider

1.1.1. Cloud Based Business Email Service by hyperoffice

1.2. Key functionality

1.2.1. provide a reliable cloud based email solution with no requirement for any expensive hardware or complex software.

1.3. Business advantage

1.3.1. Secure, protect and syncronize mail

1.3.2. mobile push email

1.3.3. quick setup and deployment

2. Collaboration & documents

2.1. Product& provider

2.1.1. WebEx Cloud Collaboration provided by Cisco

2.2. Key functionality

2.2.1. Cisco WebEx Cloud allows organizations to give users what they need to collaborate; when, where, and how they need it.

2.3. Business advantage

2.3.1. Availability: Meets on-demand collaboration, easily accommodating usage peaks.

2.3.2. Scalability: Expands with your business growth and supports thousands of concurrent users 24 hours a day.

2.3.3. Reliability: Uses Cisco data centers that mirror all sites, sessions, and connection information, enabling immediate data restoration after a broken connection.

3. Backup

3.1. Product& provider

3.1.1. CrashPlanPro by Crashplan

3.2. Key functionality

3.2.1. Back up from everywhere at any time

3.3. Business advantage

3.3.1. Automatic continious backup

3.3.2. online management console

3.3.3. has an application

4. Sales & customer support and trackin

4.1. Product& provider

4.1.1. Sales cloud by SalesForce

4.2. Key functionality

4.2.1. everything you need is available anywhere

4.3. Business advantage

4.3.1. Application

4.3.2. Tracking progress

4.3.3. Updates automatically

5. Telecommunication cost

5.1. Product& provider

5.1.1. Cloud Hosting Solutions for Telecom provided by OpSource

5.2. Key functionality

5.2.1. Reducing telecom costs and work more efficiently

5.3. Business advantage

5.3.1. Shorten Time to Market

5.3.2. Reducing costs

6. Sales Mobility

6.1. Product& provider

6.1.1. Sales Mobility Solutions provided by ABT

6.2. Key functionality

6.2.1. Place orders on the road, get live availability and tell the customer the exact total of the order.

6.3. Business advantage

6.3.1. Access to live pricing, stock availability and customer status

6.3.2. Order Tracking

6.3.3. Extracts Customer and Product information

7. Training

7.1. Product& provider

7.1.1. Cloud Training by queens university

7.2. Key functionality

7.2.1. Training employees from distance without having to meet in person

7.3. Business advantage

7.3.1. remote acces

7.3.2. Automatic Training Archiving

7.3.3. Fully Customizable Workouts

7.3.4. Easy Drag and Drop Functionality