Degree of Rivalry

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Degree of Rivalry by Mind Map: Degree of Rivalry

1. Threat of new entrants

1.1. Fairly low barrier to entry

1.2. large organizations can build their own system

2. Bargaining Power of Buyers

2.1. Many options

2.2. not always a necessity

2.3. may not see the need for it

3. Threat of substitutes

3.1. Many options are available

3.2. can be done manually

3.2.1. this is common for infrequent tournaments

3.3. free alternatives

4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.1. High switching costs

4.1.1. once all the data is in one place, it's hard to transfer it to another, especially with history

4.2. highly variable quality

4.2.1. make something really good and you will have a distinct advantage