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Cloud-computing by Mind Map: Cloud-computing

1. Collaboration and documents

1.1. Source


1.2. Product

1.2.1. Microsoft 365 for business

1.3. Provider

1.3.1. Microsoft

1.4. Business advantage

1.4.1. The mixture of SharePoint Technologies and Office 2010 offers a range of document cooperation methods.

2. Sales mobility

2.1. Source


2.2. Product

2.2.1. Stratix Mobile Field Sales

2.3. Provider

2.3.1. Stratix Corporation

2.4. Business advantage

2.4.1. Stratix Mobile Field Sales is a very configurable software product that provides the strength of an industry-best solution, but also the flexibility to implement business logic changes without application customization.

2.5. Key functionality

2.5.1. With Stratix Mobile Field Sales, it’s possible to drive important results in TCO, customer responsiveness, sales revenue, efficiency and investment scalability.

3. Telecommunication costs

3.1. Source


3.2. Product

3.2.1. Skype

3.3. Provider

3.3.1. Skype

3.4. Business advantage

3.4.1. Skype has many advantages. But for a company such as WindowsPlast NV it's a huge step forward to save costs. It's free to use, you can telephone everybody and also have a videoconference.

3.5. Key functionality

3.5.1. Telephoning with the option of having a videoconference.

4. Back-up

4.1. Source


4.2. Product

4.2.1. CrashPlan Pro

4.3. Provider

4.3.1. CrashPlan

4.4. Business advantage

4.4.1. All of their data centers complies with the strictest safety criteria and adapt to industry best practices for power redundancy, cooling and security signs.

4.5. Key functionality

4.5.1. Simpel, safe online backup to protect all your business data?

5. Training

5.1. Source


5.2. Product

5.2.1. Many products, IT security, Linux, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, SAP, etc...

5.3. Provider


5.4. Business advantage

5.4.1. You can follow the courses at any time and anywhere thanks to it's online services.

5.5. Key functionality

5.5.1. Providing all sorts of IT product and how to learn and use those products.

6. Sales and costumer support and tracking

6.1. Source


6.2. Product

6.2.1. Sales Cloud

6.3. Provider

6.3.1. Sales Force

6.4. Business advantage

6.4.1. You can get all the details you need about the deals you and your team are working on. You can find deal stage, products, competition, quotes, deal team information, and track any changes in real time.

6.5. Key functionality

6.5.1. Simply reflect sales and forecasting stages in the Sales Cloud application to drive process, productivity, and consistency.

7. Mail and instant messaging

7.1. Source


7.2. Product

7.2.1. Microsoft Linc Server 2013

7.3. Provider

7.3.1. Microsoft

7.4. Business advantage

7.4.1. It can reduce travel costs by using video conferencing. But it can also reduce telephone costs because you don't need to use your telephone anymore.

7.5. Key functionality

7.5.1. Lync Server is a united communications platform for the professional business world.