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PS29 School Wide Digital Architecture by Mind Map: PS29 School Wide Digital Architecture
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PS29 School Wide Digital Architecture



Digital Displays

FUTURE: iPads, Apple TV, Chromecast...

Laptop carts?


Intranet for staff and student communications. A suite of "cloud-based" tools that allow for collaboration and a single location for important school resources. Powerful tools for you to use privately or in your own way for your own practice. Teaching the use of these tools through common staff tasks.

Gmail (

Google Drive

like Word but online "in the cloud" live collaboration on documents live feedback for colleagues or students

Google Sites

Google Calendar

NO Gmail in short term plans

2014-15 Goals

Define the "Why?"

Develop K-5 Media Literacy Scope & Sequence

Working backward from the skills kids will need to conduct independent research, synthesize information, execute media production projects (media literacy, critical thinking as authors combining text, images and audio); And to express themselves through public/private responsibly (digital citizenship)

Est. Baseline Digital Skills & Tools for Staff

Staff becomes more "MEDIA LITERATE" by developing useful digital projects, tasks & practices

Support all of the above through small group PD

Establish Tech Support


Grade Level Websites

Safety/Acceptable Use Policies

Public Website (Brochure)

Tech Support

Room Setup


Extends "literacy" to new technologies and forms of media

Skills: Technical & Critical Thinking

Facilitating a media literate culture in the school