Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing

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Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing by Mind Map: Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing

1. What Is A/B Testing?

1.1. Two versions of an element (A and B) and a metric that defines success

1.2. Compared the bounce rate, sale rate, conversion rate, etc

1.3. Select the version that perform the best

2. Purpose of A/B testing

2.1. Increase conversion rate

2.2. Gain insight into visitor behavior

3. What to test?

3.1. Depend on your goal

3.2. every A/B test is unique, certain elements are usually tested

3.2.1. The call to action’s (i.e. the button’s) wording, size, color and placement

3.2.2. Headline or product description

3.2.3. Form’s length and types of fields

3.2.4. Layout and style of website

3.2.5. Product pricing and promotional offers

3.2.6. mages on landing and product pages

3.2.7. Amount of text on the page (short vs. long)

4. Create A/B test

4.1. 1. Decide what to test

4.2. 2. Select a tool

4.3. 3. Set up your variations

4.4. 4. Set conversion goal

4.5. 5. Record will take down

5. Do’s And Don’ts

5.1. DON’TS

5.1.1. When doing A/B testing, never ever wait to test the variation until after you’ve tested the control

5.1.2. Don’t conclude too early

5.1.3. Don’t surprise regular visitors

5.1.4. Don’t let your gut feeling overrule test results

5.2. DO’S

5.2.1. Know how long to run a test before giving up

5.2.2. Show repeat visitors the same variations

5.2.3. Make your A/B test consistent across the whole website

5.2.4. Do many A/B tests