Trip to the Galapagos Island

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Trip to the Galapagos Island by Mind Map: Trip to the Galapagos Island

1. So what?

1.1. If i go there, i can learn about the animals and tell the world. Tell the world that there are animals like these and tell the people about the hidden secrets.

1.2. But the main reason isnt to just tell the world. Its to tell the people that saving and caring the environment for the animals and for us is important. One change from us, can make a huge difference to the animals. My experience, my words will inspire them to care and save the environment.

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3. Who needs to come with you

3.1. Geologists

3.2. Zoologists

3.2.1. Zoologists can help with taking care of animals and i

3.3. Medication center

3.3.1. Provides medications and care

4. Explorers

4.1. There was a priest, that has visited the Galapagos. But did not accomplish much. Then comes Charles Darwin who went to the Galapagos Island and came up with the Theory of Natural Selection.

5. Why?

5.1. I want to go to the Galapagos Island because not a lot of people know about the unusual animals in the Galapagos island. But there is a lot of information and facts about the animals. The problem is that geologists or zoologists dont know about how to communicate with them, how to get closer with them.

5.1.1. People think that they can do this just because they know their habits, food source, and environment. It might help, but it takes time. People should learn to wait, be patient, and to try their best.

5.1.2. I read a story about Jane Goodall. She went to the forest, she did everything to look at the chimpanzees and to communicate with them. But it didnt work out. At last one day, she made the chimpanzees feel like shes part of their family. By taking care of the chimpanzees that had been hurt by people. After then, the chimpanzees felt that she was their family because she was very inviting, nice and warm.

5.2. So i am thinking of becoming the second Jane Goodall. I dont have a specific animal that i want to focus on and give my attention to. I am going to take care of every animal that i see. If i see any one of them hurt, i will give immediate medication so that they know and feel that i am here to help them and to become one of their family member.

6. Difficulties

6.1. I am predicting some difficulties. Two specific things

6.1.1. Weather The warm weather, i might not suit to that environment. Lots of things might happen, allergies,diseases and etc

6.1.2. Food I might have to starve and not eat for days, just to wait for the animals to respond to my actions

7. When would you think to go?

7.1. Two main seasons:

7.1.1. Dry season is from June to November

7.1.2. Warm season is from December to May(80-90F)

7.2. So I'd prefer to go on the warm season. Either March or April. This season will be the best season for most of the animals to come out and hang out with other animals. Then I can observe and take care of more animals

7.3. Approximately:10805.70miles

8. What do you expect it to be there?

8.1. Crazy, MAD CRAZY. Birds flying around the trees, seals making weird noises, high waves, iguanas blurting out salt water after swimming. This is what I expect when I arrive at the Galapagos. It sounds like all the animals are all welcoming me.

9. What is the environment like?

9.1. I know that that this exploration wont be exciting or fun because the Galapagos was designated as the first World Heritage site in 1978 because of all the history, nature and the unusual animals the Galapagos island keeps.

9.2. I know that some people might not want to go to go to places that are designated as a World Heritage site, but that does not affect my idea of going to this place. It actually makes me want to go there more, it sounds more interesting than just a boring place located somewhere in the world. I think it of as a "special world".Even if i know that i will only have a limited space, but i am still going to enjoy the nature and animals there

10. I am thinking of exploring The Galapagos island. The beautiful place with full of nature and animals.

11. The Galapagos island is located in the Pacific ocean near South America. The Galapagos Island is called "A living museum and showcase of evolution. Located at the confluence of three ocean currents. There are many unusual animals that inspired Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

11.1. Baltra, Fernandina, Floreana, Genovesa.,