Consedaring ulternatives Session 2

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Consedaring ulternatives Session 2 by Mind Map: Consedaring ulternatives Session 2

1. Step 6

1.1. Review session 1

1.1.1. chronic fatque causes risk factors mechanisim

1.1.2. fainting mechanisim causes stress??? posteral hypotension risk factors mechanisim

1.2. Report new knowledge

1.3. 30 minutes

1.3.1. The scribe does not have to write in this step!

2. Step 8

2.1. Diagnostic decision

2.1.1. depression disorder with fatgue

2.2. Mechanism

2.2.1. stressors daughter work family history

2.3. Presentation

2.3.1. depressed and fatgue

2.3.2. history of syncopy

2.3.3. chronic fatgue

2.4. Supporting data

2.4.1. exclusion other medical condition

2.4.2. history and physical examination

2.5. 10 minutes

3. Step 7

3.1. Inquiry plan and info gathering

3.1.1. History of presenting complain no palpitation , no dizznea no ora genrally wake up stressed no infection one fainting 20 years ago consider soicide waking regularly at 3,4 in the morning fatgue six months ago lipido down decreased interest feels hopless , helpless cant concentrate poor apetite , lost 4kilos in two moths no infection

3.1.2. Previous medical / surgical history allergic rhinitis

3.1.3. Drug history / allergy aspirin 4-6 per day not useful

3.1.4. Family history father episode of depression brother had anxity and depression from time to time parents alife brother drinking problem mother episodes of fainting since young

3.1.5. Social / occupational history non smoker non drinker manger golf in SAT but recently stopped no fainancial

3.1.6. Systemic review no headaches no chest pain

3.1.7. Physical examination H 180 W 86 P 80 sinus rhythem BP 130/85 no posterial drop RR 18 T 36.8 inspection depressed mo wasisting pale on the episode palpation apex beat normal JVP ausciltation normal

3.1.8. tests results CBC normal ECG normal electrolyte normal

3.2. 50 minutes