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Scenario 1 by Mind Map: Scenario 1

1. Opinion

1.1. Andy

1.1.1. should seek help put continued effort

1.1.2. shouldn't look down on himself let himself be provoked

1.2. Bee Chu

1.2.1. should respect others help out friends in need

1.2.2. should not criticize others

1.3. Ms Wong

1.3.1. should be more aware of class behaviour go for classroom mgt courses create a wholesome learning environment have faith in all her students

1.3.2. should not promote violence behavioural verbal practice favouritism

1.4. Ahmad

1.4.1. Should encourage Andy motivation

1.4.2. Should Not stop Andy from studying encourage Andy for soccer

1.5. Andy's Family

1.5.1. No evidence of support

1.5.2. unaware of Andy's difficulties

2. Statement of Facts

2.1. Ms Wong threw book to Andy

2.2. Andy drag himself to Science class

2.3. "The Shut Up" issue

2.4. "Play soccer now, study later."

2.5. "Read textbook" rule

2.6. mockings from Bee Chu

2.7. Ms Wong expected Andy to fail

2.8. class not united

2.8.1. one disgruntled clap

3. Prior Knowledge

3.1. Classroom Mgt

3.1.1. Buddy System Higher Ability + Lower Ability

3.1.2. Discipline "1 Silence Clap" Rule "1 at a time" rule only one person allowed to talk at a time

3.1.3. last to leave class

3.1.4. Fairness = Investigation + Consequences

3.2. Students

3.2.1. High Ability use as an example 'buddy' to the lower ability encourage them to help others give more challenging activities

3.2.2. Low Ability motivation helps Extrinsic Intrinsic

3.2.3. Disability/Special Needs Patience & Repetition

4. Main Points

4.1. Andy

4.1.1. low self-confidence knew that he would fail

4.1.2. humiliated

4.1.3. puts in effort

4.1.4. easily distracted watched TV imagined playing

4.1.5. under pressure

4.1.6. retaliated when provoked

4.1.7. procrastinates

4.1.8. low self-worth

4.2. Bee Chu

4.2.1. belittles Andy

4.2.2. proud intelligence makes her feel superior

4.2.3. teacher's pet

4.2.4. verbally abuses Andy

4.3. Ms Wong

4.3.1. practices favouritism only praises Bee Chu

4.3.2. does not practise what she preaches

4.3.3. uses punishments as solutions throws book at Andy Andy to stay back for recess

4.3.4. does not believe all students can learn

4.3.5. verbally & physically 'abusive'

4.3.6. does not promote class spirit

4.3.7. lazy

4.4. Ahmad

4.4.1. did not respect Andy insists Andy join for soccer

4.4.2. not supportive

4.4.3. bad influence

4.4.4. questions Andy's learning

4.5. Family

4.5.1. unsupportive