Character Relationships in Lets Pretend This Never Happened

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Character Relationships in Lets Pretend This Never Happened by Mind Map: Character Relationships in Lets Pretend This Never Happened

1. Family: Jenny Lawson has a very close, sometimes strange relationship with her family.

1.1. She like strange things, and plays jokes on her husband

1.2. She loves her daughter

1.3. She dresses up for halloween with her husband and daughter

1.4. "My father was perpetually disappointed by our lack of trust, but I reminded him that just last week he'd brought his own mother a box he'd filled with an angry live snake that he'd found on the road on the way to her house" (45)

1.5. "Dear Victor: I do not appreciate your leaving passive-aggressive addendum's to my helpful Post-it notes. In fact, they are the opposite of helpful. They are just bitter" (119)

1.6. "I hadn't slept that much that night, because I'd had a panic attack and ended up calling my sister at midnight, hysterically yelling, 'OHMYGOD WHAT IF THE BABY'S A REPUBLICAN?' Then she hung up on me because she enjoys being unsupportive" (141)

1.7. "And when I see another couple, who seem normal and conventional and who aren't having a loud, recurring argument in the park about whether Jesus is a zombie, I don't feel envious. I feel contentment and pride as Victor and I pause our shouting to share a smug, knowing smile as we pass the baffled couple" (342).

2. Friends: Jenny Lawson is socially awkward, and because of that she didn't always make friends easily. She did make very good friends though, and gained relationships that were loving, and joyful.

2.1. She sees her fans as friends

2.2. Her and her friends have fun together and are playful

2.3. "And thats when I realized how incredibly lucky I am to have friends like Laura. Because she took something traumatic and awful and made it . . . okay" (286).

2.4. "I found myself proudly telling Victor of my new best friends whom I would almost certainly never meet" (190)

2.5. "I've met people from all walks of life . . . cubicle workers, executives, stay-at-home parents, celebrities, people who make nipples for a living . . . but I've learned how very much alike we are. We all have one thing in common. We're not assholes. Also, we have the great taste in book and were willing to buy, borrow, or steal this one. And that makes you part f our tribe. Welcome home" (363).