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Harnesse by Mind Map: Harnesse

1. Characters

1.1. Ien

1.1.1. Age: 17

1.1.2. Hair: short dark brown; grows facial hair quickly

1.1.3. Height:Taller than everyone except Nil

1.1.4. Build: more muscular than everyone except Eem

1.1.5. Personality: stubborn, loyal, naive, fearless

1.1.6. Backstory:

1.1.7. Family: Father, Grandpa Myd, Mother, dead brother (Sun, died at 13) Relationship with Father: very strained for most of his life. He was always busy running the village that he didn't have time for family. He decided to change everything and focus on family when his wife got pregnant with Sun. He lost everything and was bitter after that. His temper got even worse and he hid in work. Ien never got to experience the family side of his Dad because his father was burned. He had devoted his life to Sun and it didnt work out. With Sun: Sun was Ien's older brother who died when Ien was 6. Sun was Ien's first "father figure" or guardian.

1.2. Nil

1.2.1. Age: 16

1.2.2. Hair: Curly blonde

1.2.3. Height: Tallest

1.2.4. Build: lean muscles

1.2.5. Personality: quiet, thoughtful, protective

1.2.6. Backstory:

1.2.7. Family: Dead father and mother, Sister Emmy

1.3. Anabella

1.3.1. Age: 17

1.3.2. Hair: Long brunette

1.3.3. Height: idec

1.3.4. Build: beautiful yet delicate, carefully cared for skin

1.3.5. Personality: reserved, obedient, caring

1.3.6. Backstory:

1.3.7. Family: Father, mother, etc.

1.4. Eem

1.4.1. Age: 18

1.4.2. Hair: black buzz cut

1.4.3. Height: Same as Ien

1.4.4. Build: most muscular, many scars

1.4.5. Personality: in development...

1.4.6. Backstory: Eem's mother abandoned him at the footsteps of an orphanage because she had no way to support him. He grew up in an orphanage, and was always the trouble child. One day he sneaked out and saw a baby wolf in the streets (dogs are actually rarer than wolves as they're less helpful to anima users). He adopted him and developed his anima powers through their bond. It has a chewed off left ear so it's hearing is bad on that side. Therefore, Eem usually fights on the left of the wolf to be its left ear. When the orphanage found our about the wolf, they wanted to confiscate it as the orphanage wasnt just for anima users. Eem decided to just leave the orphanage. He was 13. He scavenged for food and did odd jobs on the street. This is when he got his malfunctioning fire tattoo on his right wrist. A little while later, he snuck into an arena match, tried out and became a fighter at only 14. He was good, but usually lost because he was so young. Eem has tons of scars from fighting, as does his wolf. The owner lets him stay there but takes nearly all his profits. At 17 Eem decided he wanted to leave no matter what and started getting loans from loan sharks. That's gonna bite him in the butt, as when Ien and company come all that shit hit the fan.

1.4.7. Family: Wolf, mother somewhere

1.5. Tribal Girl

1.5.1. Age: 18

1.5.2. Hair: breaded black hair

1.5.3. Height: around where Anabella is more or less

1.5.4. Build: kinda muscular like Korra

1.5.5. Personality: independent black woman who don't need no man

1.5.6. Backstory:

1.5.7. Family: estranged family

1.6. Emmy

1.6.1. Age: 10

1.7. Myd

2. World

2.1. Geography

2.1.1. ggggggggggggggggg

2.2. Main Country

2.2.1. Naming Boys - 3 letters 1 syllable List of Names In the city, some boys have 6 let/2syl Girls - ends in -a, judged by beauty

2.2.2. Gender

2.2.3. Sports Something to justify this: Nil sits down with the lantern. Ien SKIDS next to Nil with his hands up like a baseball player tagging home.

2.2.4. Religion

2.2.5. History Current: Year 1297 Year 1280-1297: Rebels start to gain more and more support, while still being underground. Year 0: Plantae and Anima powers began to appear Year -500: Elementai powers began to appear

2.2.6. Slang Tang: like Honey or Sugar; more for friends than lovers

2.3. "Viking" Country

3. Episodes

3.1. Episode 1 - Warning Signals Part 1

3.2. Episode 2 - Warning Signals Part 2

3.3. Episode 3 - Aromas in the Air

3.3.1. New Character: Evala. Her purpose is to show someone who supports the anima army very loyally and for no other reason but she believes in it, while also seeming like a normal person. Physical: 30~, female, petite frame, single Backstory: she was orphaned as a young girl by rebels and grew up under the care of an anima officer (woman). She learned from her and the men she commanded about plantae techniques. This is where she learned all her techniques she uses in the episode. They were mainly for self defense and she was always the squads little girl, she never had to become hard or a bitch. At 16 she could've become a commander, but her parental figure (the commander), used her power to give her a start in a village since that year was especially dangerous with the rebels. Personality: Childhood - very depressed and gloomy. With the Army: carefree but also open to violence; later on is happy even when she feels sadness or anger because her cuteness was what made her popular and loved. Adult: sort of Jess like but more cute less quirky. Old: less cute and more gentle and a but quirky. She realized as an old women being cute isn't really possible but still liked being easy going and like able so she transitioned naturally into a gentle old women who loves making other girls cute. Still is open to violence and respectful of leader-type women.

3.4. Episode 4 - Wit Episode

3.4.1. Plot PLOT A:Learning to use words as weapons from Julia PLOT B: Ien trying to find out where Myd was taken. PLOT C: Anabella liking Ien

3.4.2. New Character: Julia. Backstory: Personalty; Really bubbly most of the time, which hides how smart she can be. Unfortunately, she can also be way too optimistic and naive which gets her in trouble. Pacifist to the max. Physical 18,

3.5. Episode 5 - Strength

3.6. Episode 6 - Meeting the Elementai Girl

3.7. Episode 7 - A Train Job

3.8. Episode 8 - Get to the City

3.9. Episode 9-10 - Eem

3.10. Episode 21-23 - Finale

3.11. Vague Ideas

3.11.1. Nil grow more religious/spiritual once he finds a church that doesn't hate him (Ien becomes less spiritual)

3.11.2. Episode on farming practices (feeding animals hastily grown food, making them sleep all day via anima powers etc)

3.11.3. The Moon and Back: Nil and Eem episode,backdrop is astronomy(maybe that plantae tower I was thinking of); features the quote "I love you to the moon and back"

3.11.4. Strange Markings: sometime during the city saga; scientist is making marking that don't just have elements stored in them; episode Tribal Girl gets kidnapped

3.12. Season 2

3.12.1. When the Sun Goes Down: Flashback episode back at the village. When Ien's Dad starts to lose his mind he mistakes Ien for his first child. Shows why he acts the way he does and more info about why Ien acts the way he does.

3.13. Season 3

3.14. Season 4