Chapter 1 Introduction

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Chapter 1 Introduction by Mind Map: Chapter 1 Introduction

1. Software engineering:- Is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of system production from the early stages of system through to maintaining the system after it has gone into use .Engineering discipline is apparent in using appropriate theories and methods to solve problems bearing in mind organization and financial constraints.هو فرع من فروع العلم الذى يهتم بجميع جوانب النظام منذ المراحل الاولى لانشائه و حتى صيانة النظام بعد ان يدخل فى دائرة الاستخدام

2. System engineering:- is concerned with all aspects of system production not just technical process of development but also project management and development of tools methods etc. to support system production

3. Types of software systems

3.1. Banking systems

3.2. Electronic system

3.3. Education systems

3.3.1. e learning

3.4. Enterprise system

3.4.1. Human resources,finanical,projects hours

4. Types of software system products

4.1. Generic products