Dengue Fever

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Dengue Fever by Mind Map: Dengue Fever

1. Change water from plant vases

2. Remove water from empty pole holders

3. How to prevent dengue: At Home

4. How to prevent Dengue: Outside

5. Do not litter

6. Problem

6.1. Symptoms:◾High fever (up to 40.6 C) ◾Severe headache with retro-orbital (behind the eye) pain ◾Severe joint and muscle pain ◾Nausea and vomiting ◾Body rash which appears on day 3 or 4 Symptoms of more severe Dengue:◾Severe bleeding from the nose, gums, or under the skin causing purplish bruises

6.2. Extreme cases can result in death.

7. Ideas

8. Action Points

8.1. Life cycle of a Dengue mosquito compared to the life cycle of a cockroach.

8.2. Differences:The cockroach does not have a pupae stage while a Dengue Mosquito does. The Dengue Mosquito lays eggs singly while the cockroach lays eggs in sacs of multiple eggs.

8.3. Similarities

8.4. Both have a nymph/larvae stage. Both only develop their wings after the nymph/larvae stage.