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Going Global A Practical Guide by Mind Map: Going Global  A Practical Guide
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Going Global A Practical Guide

The Going Global Environment

Why firms go International

Theories of Internationalisation

The Environment of International Trade

Internationalization Barriers

Understanding your company

Understanding the Strategic position of the company

Company resources and Capabilities

The Search for New Markets

The Search for new markets

Global Market Opportunity Assessment

Market Analysis

Perform an in-Depth Market Analysis of the two best markets

Creating an Entry Strategy

Entry modes

Product Market Strategy

Target market

Pricing Strategy and Plan

Promotional Strategy and Plan

Distribution Strategy and Plan

The financial strategy

Organization of Global Marketing Functions

The Global Marketing Management System

Module 1 Company Situation Analysis

Module 2 Selecting country markets

Module 3 Indepth Analysis of Top Markets

Module 4 Create an Entry Strategy

Documents for International Trade

The Harmonized System


Documents for Foreign Trade

Methods of International payment

Export Insurance

Checklist for Export operation

Useful resources and databases

Databases in International Business

Glossary of Terms

Case Studies