Research Paper

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Research Paper by Mind Map: Research Paper

1. Reading a Research Paper

1.1. Skim

1.2. Read intro. & conclusion

1.3. Read bold text & titles

1.4. understand flow & purpose of paper

1.4.1. grasp the basic argument

1.4.2. critique argument based on previous knowledge

2. Writing a Research Paper *takes practice and patience*

2.1. 2 types of Research Papers

2.1.1. Argumentative used to persuade others contains a thesis statement w/ supporting info

2.1.2. Analytical used to explore a question or topic contains a thesis statement w/ supporting info.

2.2. Steps to writing:

2.2.1. Establish a topic narrow a topic through braininstorming write down every fesible idea

2.2.2. Research the topic Refer to "Reading a Research Paper"

2.2.3. Create an outline

2.2.4. develop a thesis statement Thesis statement-states a claim on the topic Supported throughout paper

2.2.5. create a draft

2.2.6. revise, edit, and proofread as necessary

3. Academic Integrity

3.1. Plagerism

3.1.1. Intentional Deliberately using someone's paper, words, or ideas and not giving them credit for it knowing what your doing is wrong and doing it anyway.

3.1.2. Unintentional incorrectly using citations NOT knowing what your doing wrong