Jackie Hance

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Jackie Hance by Mind Map: Jackie Hance

1. Katie Hance

1.1. Katie is Jackie's baby of the family. She was the only girl who made it to the hospital before she passed away. Jackie and Katie did everything together.

2. Ashely Hance

2.1. Ashley was the middle child but she was never neglected. She was surrounded by love from Jackie and her husband, she was the wild one of the three.

3. Grace Hance

3.1. Grace was the oldest and Jackie's first born. I think she had the most trouble dealing with Grace's death more so than any of the other girls because she was her first baby.

4. Warren Hance

4.1. Warren is Jackie's husband. Their relationship before the accident is a whole different thing than after the accident. After, things are much more tense and stressful and sad then before for obvious reasons.

5. Kasey Hance

5.1. Kasey is Jackie's 4th child who is born 2 years after the accident. At first Jackie finds it hard to love her new daughter because she felt as though she was replacing her other girls, but as time went on she found that Kasey brought a heart beat back into their home.

6. Aunt Diane

6.1. Before the accident Jackie had no reason not to trust her sister-in law. But Diane drank and smoked before driving her kids and her nieces back home so how could Jackie now have some hate for Diane?