Learning Management Plan

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Learning Management Plan by Mind Map: Learning Management Plan

1. LMQ 5 What will constitute the learning journey?

2. LMQ3 How does my learner best learn?

3. LMQ 4 What resources do I have at my disposal?

3.1. Student laptops with Internet access

3.1.1. Academic Resources

3.1.2. ICT Tools

3.2. Access to expert opinions

3.2.1. Online forums

3.2.2. Peer collaboration

3.2.3. Teacher as facilitator

4. LMQ 1 What does my learner already know?

4.1. Knowledge and skills

4.2. Perceived needs

5. LMQ 8 How will I inform my learner and others about the learner's progress?

5.1. Awarded Grade

5.2. Written and verbal feedback

5.3. School-based reporting procedures (report card)

6. LMQ 2 Where does my learner need/want to be?

6.1. Unit of work learning outcomes

6.2. Learners' personal needs and goals

6.3. Learning Manager's learning outcomes

7. LMQ 7 How will I check to see my learner has arrived?

7.1. Formative Assessment

7.2. Summative Assessment

8. LMQ 6 Who will do what?

8.1. Learning manager

8.1.1. Connectivst pedagogy

8.1.2. Constructivist pedagogy

8.1.3. Supporting learning

8.1.4. Coach and scaffolder

8.2. Learner

8.2.1. Learner centred task

8.2.2. Learner directed e-learning

8.3. Access to expert opinions to provide valuable insight into how to perform the task as well as relative declarative knowledge