Life Plan

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Life Plan by Mind Map: Life Plan

1. Study

1.1. What are my study goals?

1.2. Pass all the exams

1.3. Learn more English and Spanish words

1.4. Get more language practice

2. Family

2.1. How can I spend more quality time with the family?

2.2. Go to Europe together :)

2.3. Visit my granny

2.4. Go out together more often

3. Health

3.1. What can I do to improve my overall health?

3.2. Take vitamins

3.3. Do some sport regulary

4. Career

4.1. How can I advance my career?

4.2. To find a job

5. Hobbies

5.1. What new hobbies would I enjoy?

5.2. Painting

5.3. Swimming

5.4. Snowboarding

6. Friends

6.1. How can I spend more quality time with close friends?

6.2. To go to Europe together

6.3. To organize a party