Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks by Mind Map: Rosa Parks

1. Dates and Places

1.1. Was born on February, 4th, 19143, in Tuskegee, Alabama

1.2. Died on October, 24th, 2005, in Detroit, Michigan

2. Influences

2.1. Religion

2.2. Parents

2.3. Claudette Colvin

2.3.1. Refused to give her seat to a white man.

3. Education

3.1. She went to the Industrial School for Girls

3.2. She went to a College for Negroes in Alabama

3.3. Learn to read with her mother

4. Family

4.1. Married with Raymond Parks

4.2. His mother was a teacher and her father a carpenter

4.3. Her parents were divorced

4.4. Her parents were former slaves

5. Achievements

5.1. Won Martin Luther King's Award

5.2. TIME magazine named her in the 20th most influential People of 20th Century

5.3. Spingarn Medal

5.4. Bill Clinton give her the Presidential Medal of Freedom

5.5. Congressional Gold Medal

5.6. Foundation of Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development

6. Methods

6.1. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) member

6.2. Refused to give her seat to a white person in a bus

7. Difficulties

7.1. Lost her job

7.2. Husband fired

7.3. Had to move to Detroit with her mother and husband