Post-traumatic stress

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Post-traumatic stress by Mind Map: Post-traumatic stress

1. Plan of action

1.1. Research new ideas for treatment

1.1.1. Rewrite p[olicies governing the treatment of PTSD in Law enforcement and military personnel

1.2. Change societal views on PTSD

1.2.1. Show society that this is a real issue not just an excuse to 'get one over' on the government or HMOs

1.2.2. Get help from a public relations expert

1.3. Help military and law enforcement remove the stigma associated with PTSD

2. symptoms vary (and can lead to further traumatic events for the sufferer and society...some are listed)

2.1. aggression

2.1.1. imprisonment

2.2. regression

2.2.1. inability to function as a contributing member of society

2.2.2. hospitalization

2.3. physical pain

2.3.1. drug abuse

2.4. paranoia

2.4.1. murder

2.4.2. agoraphobia

2.5. Depression

2.5.1. suicides

3. Treatment

3.1. Mandatory treatment for military personnel

3.1.1. anyone that has seen combat must receive therapeutic treatment more combat = more therapy

3.1.2. Preventative techniques Must be taught in basic training

3.2. medication

3.2.1. should always be accompanied by therapy

3.3. more treatment availability

3.3.1. and acceptability

3.4. sexual assault should be treated immediately with long term follow-up

4. causes

4.1. Combat fatigue

4.1.1. Best when treated as a chronic condition

4.1.2. Is more dangerous due to the training of the sufferer

4.2. Extreme traumatic event

4.2.1. may require acute treatment instead of chronic