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Siim by Mind Map: Siim

1. FMCGs

1.1. Unilever

1.2. P and G

1.3. Reckitt Benkeiser

1.3.1. Wool-light

1.4. Kow

2. Do Social Media Research

3. Identify Influencers


3.2. based on social media research

3.3. Identify key forums

4. Influence

4.1. Brand Ambassadors - Celebrities

4.2. Mid-tier - Bloggers etc

4.2.1. Product samples

4.2.2. Invited to events

4.3. Everyday people who do not know they are influencers - eg Magic Lady has demographic that suits the brands and the agencies they employ

4.4. Develop guidelines for top 10 influencers - are we doing the stuff we are supposed to do with that top 10? eg a client like Intel would have a book like this

4.4.1. 1. Research 2. Grow community 3. Offer a dashboard where you do engagement work yourself

5. Opportunities

5.1. Research role

5.2. Meet Mike

5.2.1. to explore their model they are looking for finance markets Patrick in Hong Kong

5.2.2. Mike can help develop their product

5.3. Arrange meeting with Mike and Erel and Monica to explore shipping