4 Point Families

Equipping Churches and Families

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4 Point Families by Mind Map: 4 Point Families

1. Day

1.1. "Finding God"

1.1.1. Outing Ideas and Guides Newsletter Book

1.1.2. Daily Reminders Smartphone App Weather App? User input. (Where did you find God today?)

1.2. Sabbath

1.2.1. Teach the importance

1.2.2. Encouragement and Training for Parents

1.2.3. Scriptures and Devotions

2. Night

2.1. Family Night Ideas

2.1.1. Family Game Reccomendations

2.1.2. Family Movie Night Reviews

2.1.3. "Dinner Together" Teaching the Importance Table Discussion Starters Recipes Dinner Together Calendar

2.2. Bedtime Routine Resources

2.2.1. Reccomended Kid's Books

2.2.2. Reccomended Kid's audio

2.2.3. Prayers for Kids and Parents

3. Home

3.1. Podcast

3.1.1. Weekly Media Insider Show

3.1.2. Daily QnA Show

3.2. Radio Show?

3.3. Home Study Resources

3.3.1. Bible Discussion Guides for Parents

3.3.2. Videos and Music for Children

3.3.3. Tips and Helps for Parents

3.3.4. Literature Suggestions

3.4. Parent Accountability Opportunities

3.4.1. Parent to Ministry Accountability Newsletters and Blogs Write in Opportunities

3.4.2. Parent to Church Accountability Pastor Check Up Guides Family Spiritual Health Evaluation Parent Ministry Involvement Check Up Parenting Small Groups

3.4.3. Parent to Parent Accountability Small Group Guides Parent Mentor Program Parent Small Group Leader Support

4. Away

4.1. Churches

4.1.1. Web Church Website Page Articles Audio Helps Video encouragement and training Recommended reading Family time ideas Weekly featured culture topic

4.1.2. Events Family Camp Family Worship Times Children/Parent/Student Breakouts Day Time Relationship Building Activities Conference Guest Speakers Intentional Worship Times Spiritual Focus Retreat Family Discipleship Parents Lead Students and Children Bi-Annual to Quarterly

4.1.3. Video DVD Series 1 4 Parts: Sell for $25 VLog Updates for Supporters Encouragement and Training for Parents Scriptures and Devotions

4.1.4. Speaking Sunday/Wednesday Talks

4.2. Vacation

4.2.1. Road Map "Guides"

4.2.2. Finding God

4.2.3. Camp

4.2.4. Conferences

4.3. Web/Social Media

4.3.1. Twitter/Facebook

4.3.2. Youtube

4.3.3. Accountability/Security Software

4.3.4. Parent Social Media Tips