Laughter "Out of Place"

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Laughter "Out of Place" by Mind Map: Laughter "Out of Place"

1. Found throughout

1.1. Time for laughter and forgetting

1.2. Time for remembering and sorrow

2. -main informant Gloria

2.1. Interviews observations of daily life

2.2. Author hides identities

2.3. Author, as anthropologist, begins to play "daughter role" to informant

3. Humor

3.1. Suffering/Tragedy

3.1.1. humor allows people the strength to bear the pain of something difficult

3.2. Comedy

4. Laughter

4.1. Fugitive form of insubordination

4.1.1. Poor forced to express resistance behind backs of ruling class

4.2. Rich Oral Tradition

4.3. Relatively ignored by elite

5. Carnival

5.1. "Marvelous city"

5.2. Multi-faceted reality

5.3. Looking glass image through which brazalians define and present themselves to the rest of the world

5.3.1. Nothing changes for the poor