Japanese Reasons for Attacking the United States

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Japanese Reasons for Attacking the United States by Mind Map: Japanese Reasons for Attacking the United States

1. 1. Road to Burma

1.1. Most important route for western aid to China

1.1.1. Japan demanded Britain to close its Burmese end Britain complied to Japan, eventhough they knew that they couldn't protect their Asian colonies from Japanese invasion US had no formal action

2. 2. Japanese Occupation of Northern Indochina

2.1. French Indochina became tempting as it was just southe of China and could be an effective staging area for attacks

2.1.1. Japan began pressuring the Indochina government to allow Japanese air bases though Indochina refused for fear of an invasion Japan responded by sending troops to occupy northern Indochina US responded by embargoing strategic materials such as scrap metal, steel, and iron to countries outside of the Western Hemisphere in an effort to stop Japanese advancement

3. 3. Japanese Invasion of Southern Indochina

3.1. Authorities in French colony agreed to supply Japan with war materials

3.1.1. ManyIndochinese provinces were transferred to Japan's ally, Thailand French government allowed Japan to occupy the entire country, while French retain administrative control over the colony The US respond by freezing Japan's assets so Japan would be unable to purchase any American resource or product

4. 4. Japan's East Asia Proposed Settlement

4.1. Japan would have to withdraw from China if the US did not agree to resume normal trading relations

4.1.1. Japan offers the US a plan for an overall settlement of the issues that divided them The US was unwilling to reach any settlement with Japan that suggested American acceptance of a continued Japanese invasion. The US believed that any sign of American acquiescence to Japanese militarism would amount to betrayal of China