Eastern Rosella Reasearch

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Eastern Rosella Reasearch by Mind Map: Eastern Rosella Reasearch

1. Where are they?

1.1. The Eastern rosella populates in the North Island.

2. What type of bird?

2.1. Parrot family

3. Population and Breeding?

3.1. The Eastern rosella's population keeps on spreading

3.2. The flock of birds form into pairs

3.3. The flock start to become agressive

3.4. The pairs go off and find a suitable nesting site ( around September)

3.5. Once the site is found it is defended in a 30 meter perimeter

3.6. The eggs are laid form October onwards

3.7. A clutch of eggs are laid a season (4-7 in a clutch)

3.8. The female alone sits on the eggs while the male feeds her

3.9. For the first 2 weeks the female cares for the chicks

3.10. The male assists the female for the first 2 weeks before fleeing

4. How do they live?

4.1. Food

4.1.1. Seeds are a major part of their diet

4.1.2. Seeds, fruit, nectar, shoots, buds, leaves and invertebrates (mainly during breeding season)

4.1.3. They eat on the ground but will also eat in trees

4.1.4. They scavenge for food either alone or in pairs. In the winter time the scavenge in small focks

4.1.5. They have been seen eating many native plants Flax, totara, pohutukawa and on the nectar of the puriri flower. Destroying it along the way

5. Where did they come from?

5.1. They are originally from Australia

5.2. They were being shipped to New Zealand but customs didn't let them in

5.3. The people let the birds go anyway