Types of validity and Reliability

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Types of validity and Reliability by Mind Map: Types of validity and Reliability

1. Construct validity

1.1. the educator is informed whether the tests corresponds to the educators' expectations

2. Reliability

2.1. Split-Half methods are to either one half or the other with the total scores computed for both parts. It measures the full test

2.2. Kuder-Richardson method estimates the internal consistency of a test This measures the commonality of the internal consistency of a test.

2.3. Test items should correlate and be internally consistent.

3. Content validity

3.1. inspects test questions

3.2. helps educator decide the content of the test

3.3. helps decide if the test meet the instructional objectives

4. Reliability

4.1. stability reliability with memory or experience as a prerequisite

4.2. interval testing is considered

5. Validity

6. Predictive

6.1. the ability of the test to predict examinees behavior futures

6.2. predicts the future setting progress of aptitude test takers

6.3. good for measuring types of tests needed for mental patients

7. .

8. Reliability refers " to the consistency with which it yields the same rank for individuals who take the test more than once" Kubiszyn, T. & Borich, G. (2010).

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