Def Jam Records

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Def Jam Records by Mind Map: Def Jam Records

1. Manufactoring

1.1. Pressing plants and CD duplication

1.2. Printing of jackets promo and materials

1.3. Special products for in-house use and outside clients

1.4. Sub contracting of execs requirements for Christmas and Summer rush.

2. Business Affairs

2.1. Artist Contracts

2.2. Publish Mechanical Licenses and Rates

2.3. Video

2.4. Production Contracts

2.5. Foreign Licenses Deal

3. Legal Affairs

3.1. Copyright and Patent Law

3.2. Interstate and International Licensing

3.3. Union Relations

3.4. Corporate Law

3.5. Writes Contracts

4. Merchandising and Marketing

4.1. In-house cover designers and graphic artists

4.2. Lp CD Mastering, Ect.

4.3. National Album and Single promotions

4.4. Field Promotion

4.5. Radio Tracking

5. Finance

5.1. Purchasing

5.2. Accounting

5.3. Royalty Payments, Artist ans Publishing

5.4. Tax Reports

5.5. Preparation