Educational Game Benefits

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Educational Game Benefits by Mind Map: Educational Game Benefits

1. simple lesson objectives

1.1. easy quiz games

2. Other Flash-based games

2.1. Cognitive

2.1.1. Fitting consumer needs Choosing the correct design of the handphone for the elderly Type of buttons, colour of the handphone, screen size, recycled handphone cases

2.1.2. Self-directed learning Players to explore the needs of the consumers based on their comments

2.1.3. Anticipate the next move and preventive measures

2.1.4. Requires pre-planning

2.2. Affective

2.2.1. Immediate understanding and application of the subject content/matter

2.3. Psychomotor

2.3.1. Handling computer equipments Mouse Keyboard

2.4. Application

2.4.1. many varieties available

2.5. transfer principle

3. McVideo Game

3.1. Psychomotor

3.1.1. does it really have? people who added this please explain.

3.2. Affective

3.2.1. imagining that you are a manager will help you have better mangement skills?

3.2.2. teaches students different aspects of running a business

3.3. Cognitive

3.3.1. students would want to get rich and make it big in the online version of the largest fast food company IN THE WORLD!!!!!

3.3.2. allow students to think how a business is ran

3.3.3. students will get to learn about the strategies and what is required to run a business

4. Trauma Center

4.1. Cognitive

4.1.1. To think on your feet about the next procedure

4.1.2. To be effectively following instructions

4.1.3. To be able to judge quickly

4.1.4. Anticipation Next move Preventive actions

4.1.5. Prioritising more urgent tasks

4.2. Affective

4.2.1. Communication Liasing with your partner Teamwork Mutual understanding

4.2.2. Emotions Pressure to perform (proceed next stage) 2 player Competitive Element Pressure

4.3. Psychomotor

4.3.1. Improving hands-eyes coordination

4.3.2. To be familiarise with the correct position within the sensor proximity

5. New node

6. New node

7. New node

8. Dafur is Dying

8.1. Cognitive

8.1.1. Makes students think of different ways to survive, not get caught there are many characters with different attributes. Students get to make choices to see which character suits the terrain best

8.2. Affective

8.2.1. students will feel and know the situations faced by dafur. "psychosocial moratorium"

8.3. Psychomotor

8.3.1. Students will develop better co ordination of movements through the many different kinds of commands needed to be pressed

9. Wii Sports/Fit

9.1. Cognitive

9.1.1. mind challenging strategies how to compete with your opponent

9.2. Affective

9.2.1. communication skills e.g. Asking players to be aware of their vigorous movements Players taking turns to complete the game maximum learning opportunity learning without knowing

9.3. Psychomotor

9.3.1. judgement skills hand-eye co-ordination

9.3.2. To be familiarise with the correct position within the sensor proximity