1stBFA BF1 League

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1stBFA BF1 League by Mind Map: 1stBFA BF1 League

1. driver registering

1.1. write Thread-Pattern in our Forum

1.2. write Thread in lfs Forum

1.3. write PMs with Server-PW after Deadline

2. race-control

2.1. running order information over chatmessages

2.1.1. prepare messages for shortcuts

2.2. do penalties, bans etc

2.3. admin the startinggrid-tool

2.4. screenshot results. end of q, end of race.

2.5. saving replays

3. rules and schedule

3.1. define schedule

3.2. define rules

3.3. rules and schedule on website 1stbfa.net and lfsForum

4. race report

4.1. transscribe result-screenshot to database/excel list.

4.2. write text report

4.3. videoreport on youtube

5. infrastructure

5.1. 1stBFA youtubechannel

5.2. thread in lfsForum

5.3. race server

5.3.1. configurate tracks

5.3.2. configurate tracker

5.3.3. configurate startinggrid tool