Hangang guide

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Hangang guide by Mind Map: Hangang guide

1. Introduction

1.1. Hangang

1.1.1. gang means river

1.1.2. Han River

1.1.3. Seoul's iconic symbol

1.2. two kilometers wide in places

1.3. Renovation

1.3.1. the river ecosytem

1.3.2. improve access to the riverside parks

1.3.3. create recreation facilities

2. bike tour

2.1. bike rental is available for toruist

2.1.1. bicycle rental kiosks inside hangang parks Ichon Staion is the nearst rental kiosk from Penman House

2.1.2. price $ 3 per hour

2.2. Planning course

2.2.1. South of the Hangang East-west west-east

2.2.2. North of the Hangang east-west west-east

2.2.3. crossing the bridge

3. facilities & Park

3.1. Walking and jogging pathway

3.2. bicycle only pathway

3.3. diverse public park

3.3.1. fitness equipment

3.4. Yacht anchor

3.5. cruise ship

3.6. bicycle rental kiosk

3.7. convenient store & restaurant

4. How to access to Hangang

4.1. From Penman House

4.1.1. walk along the downhill of Jangmunro

4.1.2. turn left and go to the ramp down the Hangang