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Shopping by Mind Map: Shopping

1. Ethical Shopping

1.1. NO

1.1.1. AVAILABILITY Range = not wide enough

1.1.2. PRICE Would be too expensive

1.1.3. Don't care not feeling fuilty

1.1.4. Don't know lack of information

1.1.5. Quality used to a brand

1.2. YES

1.2.1. Aware

1.2.2. Local means of production

1.2.3. Quality no preservatives organic

1.3. Global problem

1.3.1. Northern / Southern Africa America

1.3.2. Western / Easter Asia .

1.3.3. Pollution ...

1.4. No dumping (= anticompetitive)

1.5. Solution

1.5.1. boycott image bad publicity bad reputation

1.5.2. Web

1.5.3. Second-hand Internet (eBay) colthes technology creating new needs advertising garages sales car boot sales

1.5.4. Logo companies

2. The science of shopping


2.1.1. research on fashion marketing triggers psychological physiological that persuade customers to spend

2.2. Why do they try to be disorienting?

2.2.1. staying longer more likely to spend

2.2.2. difficult to find things you forget what you came for start buying more items

2.3. What do shops do?

2.3.1. designed to give a pleasant experience colours lighting designs RETAIL THERAPY the science of atmospherics

2.4. layouts

2.4.1. milk and bread far away from the entrance travel the full length of the store (things everybody needs)

2.4.2. fruit and vegetables near the entrance more welcoming provides an atmosphere very positive healthy feeling

2.4.3. RETAIL THERAPY clothes shop right-hand side of a store just inside the door shelves : between hip and eye-level back of the shop ground floor upper floor