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Duties by Mind Map: Duties

1. Input into spreadsheet their ytd hours, wages, and term date

2. File

3. Answer Calls

3.1. Take CC Payments

3.2. Assist Careers and their associates

3.3. Assist Team Members

3.4. Check VM

4. Careers USA

4.1. Thursday Payroll

4.1.1. Print hours from perfect time

4.1.2. Make pdf of hours and email to Careers

4.1.3. Enter time

4.1.4. Double check hours entered

4.1.5. Calculate mileage

4.1.6. Cut checks

4.1.7. Stuff envelopes

4.1.8. Stamp envelopes

4.1.9. Mail drop

4.2. Enter applications

4.3. Reports

4.3.1. Create spreadsheet of all paid associates for the week (includes net pay, mileage, deductions, additions)

4.4. Tuesday Payroll

4.4.1. Enter hours by Careers branch location

4.4.2. Double check hours entered

4.4.3. Print checks

4.4.4. Print Fedex shipping label for batch

4.4.5. Prepare shipments

4.4.6. Drop off packages at Fedex location

5. Clean office

6. Operations

6.1. Garnishments

6.1.1. Enter into carvin

6.2. Deposit Checks

6.2.1. Make copy of checks being deposited, match with deposit receipt, file with Christine.

6.3. Marketing

6.3.1. Proof marketing materials

6.3.2. Request materials from vendors

6.3.3. Keep track of status of orders

6.4. Unemployment

6.4.1. Contact branch for supporting docs

6.4.2. Fax/mail documents to corresponding DOL Office

6.5. Print Reports

6.5.1. Garnishments

6.5.2. Aging (Nashville)

6.5.3. Aging over 45 Highlight all past due invoices/amounts coded by color.

6.6. Riviera

6.6.1. Non Factored Payments Pull up each invoice in Carvin, save to computer, email to Riviera

6.6.2. Payments Find missing payments, highlight, calculate totals, forward to Christine

6.7. Honkamp

6.7.1. Answer emails: research if associate has been working/their start date, contact the branch with requested docs

6.7.2. Send supporting docs to Honkamp

6.7.3. Wage Requests (Quarterly) Look up associates for all branches

6.8. Inventory

6.8.1. Keep track of inventory

6.8.2. Order supplies

6.9. Travel

6.9.1. Book hotels, flights, rent vehicles

6.10. Mail

6.10.1. Open, sort, distribute mail Checks: make copies, give to Christine Tax docs: give to Dana

6.11. Worker Comp Claims