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PLN by Mind Map: PLN
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use the PLN for daily assignments with students

ask students to search (besides google)

Consist of the people that the learner interacts with to derive knowledge from. People you want to learn from.

Be knowledgeable.

become a connected educator

CONSTANT LEARNER able to reach out.

Open up, join different social networks, and non digital networks.

be willing to create your PLN

Unique to everybody.

A place to reach out to and ask questions.

who’s in the PLN?




different platforms:

twitter (some say is best)


social bookmarking


LinkedIn (pro, resumes, etc)

google plus -> hangouts (free video conferencing 10 people/classrooms)

~60% of educators are on Social media, and using some form of PLN

how do we become connected educators

1. listen

2. participate

3. connect (ask questions)

branding/growth of your ‘name’

two simple logos/avatar images - professional + unique

comment on blogs


twitter ‘chat’ discussions


guest-posting on other blogs

#edchat (twitter)

how to find the networks and people - start with big names/institutions and narrow down

twitter in class

after school discussions

homework assignments


sharing resources

get yourself out there

4. person-to-person networking

edcamp “unconference”


try to give a presentation

introduce yourself

sit with strangers

PD days/conventions

5. collaboration

shared cloud documents/wiki