Laughter out of Place

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Laughter out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter out of Place

1. Chapter 1

1.1. Gloria

1.1.1. Domestic worker employed by a friend of Goldstein's When Goldstein needed house cleaning services, she asked Gloria They became friends

1.1.2. fourteen children

1.2. Why this topic

1.2.1. Informative books are written by and about middle and upper classes which excludes the poor and therefor misrepresents a majority of the population After friending Gloria, Goldstein admired her ability to laugh through all the hardships she dealt with on a regular basis

1.3. Why this place

1.3.1. Such Extreme poverty

1.3.2. Widespread inequality and racism

1.4. Donna Goldstein

1.4.1. AIDs activist

1.4.2. Lost and open minded

1.4.3. A Latin Americanist Scholar in training

1.4.4. Cornell University education

1.4.5. Originally set out to study class relations and religious affiliation in Salvador, Bahia.

1.4.6. Focus shifted to effects of the AIDS epidemic on low-income women interviews and collaborating with colleges opened Goldstein to the realization that the information on poor people was being obtained from a distance She needed to see beyond the big picture She chose to lower to their level to understand their culture focusing on their use of humor

2. Introduction

2.1. Shanty Towns

2.2. Brazil

2.2.1. Rio de Janeiro

2.3. Humor

2.3.1. "The secret source of humor is not joy, but sorrow" Mark Twain

2.3.2. Source of power gives the people the ability to speak about matters they are normally silenced on. Rebellion and resistance

2.3.3. weapon of the weak Used to evade pain and suffering

2.4. Gloria

2.4.1. Dark skinned domestic worker

3. Chapter 4

4. Chapter 3

5. Chapter 2

6. Chapter 6

7. Chapter 5

8. Chapter 7