Sushi Express Internet Reviews and Feedback

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Sushi Express Internet Reviews and Feedback by Mind Map: Sushi Express Internet Reviews and Feedback

1. "If you are craving for sushi, this is a place to try! If you love miso soup, their miso soup has tofu and salmon with sweet salmon taste! If you love salmon, try their salmon belly sushi If you love scallop, the king scallop is a must-try! If you love new-creation sushi, try cheesy lobster sushi! If you love mango pudding, their mango pudding has nata de coco added! All for just $1.80 per plate, with free green tea"

2. Appreciated

2.1. Reasonable pricing of the food which makes it affordable even for students

2.1.1. "Love this place. My friend brought me here and the food here is so so so affordable. Both of us only paid like 10 bucks and we had our fill in awesome salmon and fishes!!"

2.1.2. "It’s $1.50++ for any plate of sushi / dessert on the conveyor belt, including free flow of green tea, wasabi, and ginger (on the conveyor belt too). With that price, the few of us practically took the dinner meal as a buffet style dinner – we snatched the plates from the belt like there’s no tomorrow."

2.2. The conveyer belt system that some restaurants have decided to abandon

2.2.1. "No frills, simple, and effective conveyor belt concept."

2.2.2. "Conveyor belt, so old school. I remember being so excited by it years back. Neither are they upmarket with touch screen menus."

2.3. Variety and choice

2.3.1. "They have several types of sushi that I have not seen before, pretty special."

2.3.2. "At its very affordable price, you can find a pretty amazing variety serving the usual favourites like salmon/tuna sashimi, scallops, prawns, different varieties of sushi and maki, and many more."

2.4. Hygiene, i.e. tea bag and wasabi sachets

2.4.1. "More hygienic way of dispensing wasabi - from a sachet! Belittle this not, packs a feisty punch."

2.4.2. "There's a reminder that comes along our way every now and then - to keep the hygiene caps on."

2.5. The freshness of the raw food

2.6. Staff's plate counting efficiency

2.6.1. "The staff counting my plates has super eyesight. With a look, she knows how many plates on the tables. "

2.7. Chef's productivity

2.7.1. "I could see the sushi chef is kept busy to fill up the rotating belt, stacking as much as he could."

2.7.2. "The chefs were efficient in terms of topping up the supply on the belt, as well as attending to queries from customers (on one particular visit, I witnessed a woman who repeatedly asked the chef what was in the sushi). "

2.8. Staff's attitude

2.8.1. "I finished my last salmon nigiri by dropping the rice from under it. Still clutching the salmon with my chopsticks I watched as the rice bounced off my table and onto the floor. I turned around and the waitress was looking at me with the sort of polite smile that said "relax I have seen this many times before"."

2.8.2. "I appreciated the attentiveness of the service crew there, who were always polite and efficient. Strangely, they reminded me fondly of the stellar service I received from the food outlets on my Taipei trip."

2.8.3. " The chef in front of us was very helpful and friendly and I’d say his service was excellent! I don’t think it’s even in his job scope to take our orders but he did so without any bad attitude."

2.9. Illustrated menu

2.9.1. "I was pleased to see full colour photos of each dish on the menu"

2.10. Free flow of green tea

2.11. Choice of deserts

2.12. Children really like the sofa style seats

2.13. Promotions

3. To Possibly Improve

3.1. The queue

3.2. and the time limit during peak hour

3.2.1. "The only limiting factor to stop you from feasting is the 50-minute time frame imposed for each dining table (so that more people have the chance to dine in too)."

3.3. Service takes too long

3.4. Customers sometimes have to fight for the food

3.4.1. "Find yourself 'fighting' for food all the time with fellow diners given the large amount of diners surrounding a shared conveyor belt. "

3.5. The customers find that the chefs don't always put the dishes on both sides of the belt.

3.5.1. "Lucky you if you are seated near to the chefs. But even so, don't be too happy as it depends on where the chefs want to place the food. It's either you get it first, or you don't at all. True story. "

3.6. The ambience and the noise level

3.6.1. "The ambience isn't for couples to have a romantic or quiet moment together. =)"

3.7. Chawanmushi

3.7.1. "If you are craving for chawamushi, this will be one of the few restaurant that does not serve that, as the name of the restaurant implies, they only serve sushi."

4. Favourite dishes

4.1. Miso soup for some

4.1.1. "The miso soup contains lots of ingredients. There's seaweed, toufu and salmon (lots of salmon slices). The soup is yummy too."

4.2. Seared salmon sushi

4.2.1. "Perhaps my favourite was the seared salmon sushi which was had a faint charred smell that was oddly satisfying."

4.3. Blueberry cheesecake

4.3.1. " I also like the blueberry cheesecake that they have, worth the try!"

4.4. Jelly fish

4.4.1. "The jelly fish is nice. Not too spicy nor too sweet. But just right."

4.5. Scallops

4.5.1. "The highlight of the meal is obviously the king size scallops."

4.6. Salmon sushi

4.6.1. "See the slice of salmon drape around the ball of rice? That's how sushi should be - ingredients over carbs. Decent take on salmon sushi. "

4.7. Salmon mayonnaise sushi

4.8. Octopus

4.9. Unagi

4.10. Mock abalone

5. Less appreciated dishes

5.1. Miso soup for some

5.1.1. "Just remember to skip the miso soup they try to sell you when you first sit down because that is one fishy nasty soup."

5.1.2. "I also agreed to the miso soup (considered one plate) recommended by the server when first seated. DON'T ORDER IT. It is a freaking let-down."

5.1.3. "The miso soup wasn't hot which is a shame as it was pretty chilly outside but the hot green tea was, thankfully."

5.2. Topshell dish

5.2.1. "Of the countless plates that were on our table, the only plate that was unsatisfying is this – the Topshell. It was hard, tough, and had a weird taste, largely due to its gravy. It might look good but please avoid this at all cost."

6. Strong positive and negative feedback

6.1. "GUESS HOW MANY PLATES WE ATE? There's 7 of us! We ate 106 plates! (:"

6.2. "I joined the queue and found myself seated after 20+ minutes and given a 1 hour limit to dine there. 1 hour? Awesome, I could eat down the house in less than that. I then saw $1.50 per plate promotion. $1.50? Holy crap, that's DIRT cheap even for conveyer belt terms."

6.3. "As i recall my dinner yesterday with my family (4 of us) i'm still very upset. We were given those single seats near the chefs instead of the normal table and i thought well, at least we get to the food first. I was SO wrong. 30 mins into the dinner i still had not grabbed any plate of sushi because 1)50% of the belt is empty and 2) the chefs just keep placing the food on the other side which will only come to us last. The range of food yesterday night was horrible too. It was slightly before 6. To avoid the crowd we decided to have our dinner early but to our disappointment, we weren't even full and they even imposed an hour limit on us? 45 mins into the dinner i finally saw them placing the sashimi within an arm's length of mine. I grabbed about 2 plates (there were 4 of us mind you) and the guy purposely place them further so i cannot grab the plates. What is this? Thinking back on this just makes my blood boil. Throughout the dinner i just felt like my family and i were being discriminated. "

7. Ideas

7.1. Use the cute mascots as merchandise

7.1.1. "What I do like about Sushi Express though, is their cute range of Sushi Character merchandises. Marketing wise, they have done a cool job making sushi look cute and personified. I think I'll probably enjoy Sushi Express more as a merchandise shop than an eatery. "

7.2. Add a more precise map on the coupons

7.2.1. "This was harder than I expected and the little map on the coupon wasn't much help but after nearly 30 minutes of searching I finally found it just down the round from DQ."

8. Sources