What will I research on?

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What will I research on? by Mind Map: What will I research on?

1. The various possible types of short film audiences that might be interested with my short film

1.1. Trendies? People who crave for admiration of their peers

1.2. Egoists? People who seeks for pleasure

1.3. Puritans? People who wish to feel virtuous

1.4. Innovators? People who wishes to make their mark

1.5. Rebels? People who wishes to make the world in their image

1.6. Groupies? People who just wants to be accepted

1.7. Utopians? People who just wants the world to be a better place

2. Who is the audience for the short films?

2.1. Succeeders: People who are in control, who are powerful and ambitious

2.2. Aspirers: Peope who strive for a bigger and better lifestyle

2.3. Individualist: People who are loners, individualist, independent thinkers who wants to be away/separated from the crowd

3. How is the narrative structured?

3.1. Todorov's Universal Structure

3.2. Fragmanted

3.3. Freytags

3.4. Dramatic Structure

4. Distribution-Where are the short films distributed?

4.1. Youtube

4.2. Filmthreat.com

4.3. sohoshort.wordpress.com

4.4. Filminute.com

4.5. Rooftopfilms.com

5. Various types of film magazines and film posters companies

5.1. In terms of magazines

5.1.1. Empire

5.1.2. Uncut

5.1.3. Escape

5.1.4. Cineworld unlimited

5.1.5. Movie Club News

5.1.6. Odeon Magazien

5.1.7. Sky Movies

5.2. Most film posters are made by the film company themselves, unless the films are from independent film producing companies

5.2.1. Mainstream/Popular films made by major film companies. Eg: Fast and Furious.

5.2.2. Independent films made by smaller scale film companies sometimes asking other companies to make the film posters. Eg. Anamorph (2007), poster made by B.D Fox Independent.

6. Conventions of short films

7. Deconstruction of short films

7.1. Cameraworks

7.2. Sound Effects

7.3. Plot

7.4. Genre

7.5. Overall narrative structure

7.6. Representation

7.7. Climax

7.8. Editing