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solving social problems by Mind Map: solving social problems

1. poverty

1.1. "base of the pyramide"

1.2. joint efforts of the state, non-profit organizations, social entrepreneurs and activists to raise the standard of living, create jobs, encourage entrepreneurship, improve education and health care for the people living in poverty

2. deforestration

2.1. Earth

2.2. strict governmental protection, the development of energy supply systems (including green energy), recycling paper

3. waste

3.1. everyone

3.2. new technologies for sustainable recycling of 100% waste

4. unemployment

4.1. ex-criminals, experts in endangered professions, members of discriminated groups, low-skilled workers

4.2. free professional education for unemployed people, special insurance and bonus programs for employers hiring disadvantage persons, databases of vacancies and individual profiles, entrepreneurship-training centers in the country side

5. homelesness

5.1. ex-criminals released from jail, orphans, loosing the state care at the age of majority, people suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, victims of fraud, lost their homes and simply outcasts who like roguish lifestyle

5.2. creating employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged people,free treatment for people wanting to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction, governmental programs for people who have got into difficulties

6. drug addiction and drug mafia

6.1. everyone under risk

6.2. education, social improvement of drug producing regions, worldwide mutual fight against drug mafia

7. terrorism

7.1. everyone

7.2. education, humanization, social improvement of families, worldwide mutual fight against terrorists

8. radical religious and social bigotry

8.1. social groups targeted by radicalists

8.2. education, humanization, social emprovement of families

9. pollution and destruction of the ozone layer

9.1. everyone

9.2. new clean energy sources, new green production technologies, and environmental mindset everywhere

10. incurable diseases & low level of health care

10.1. "base of the pyramide" and village population, all people suffering from incurable diseases

10.2. governmental support of fundamental research to find the treatment for incurable diseases, innovation for cheap and mobile health care

11. War and thoughtless policy

11.1. everyone

11.2. democracy, humanization and education