Need to reform Education?

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Need to reform Education? by Mind Map: Need to reform Education?

1. Why?

1.1. Current Education System

1.1.1. "Dislocates people from their talent" + interest and passion

1.1.2. Standardised Schools

1.1.3. Reform -> Not enough Needing to be revolutionised "Improving a broken education system"

1.1.4. Standardised Education. "Batching"

1.2. Human Resources

1.2.1. Is not visibly shown on the surface

1.2.2. Have to be dug out and discovered

1.2.3. Education system needs to provide the conditions for the best of ourselves to flourish. INSTEAD of focusing on few aspects that is standardised across the world

1.3. Misconceptions

1.3.1. Education of the child will always translates into opportunity and a bright future for them. Quoted from a university graduate, Rebecca, who graduated with a 2.1 BA Hons degree in Media Arts and Cultural Studies at St Mary's University College, Twickenham. "Since leaving university I've been struggling to get into a career. I have been temping and volunteering for different jobs and I am desperate for an employer to give me a real opportunity. "Right now, I feel like going to university was a waste of time and fighting not to loose motivation." Hoang Thi Thu Tam said she is preparing for the entrance exams to a master training course at the HCM City Economics University. Tam has been jobless since mid September 2011. “All the employers say they want experienced candidates. Meanwhile, I have just finished school and I don’t have experiences,” she complained.

2. Why not?

2.1. Benefits of Current Education System

2.1.1. Enables future generations to be well-equipped literary, analytical and inferential skills which aids them when the step into the working world

2.1.2. Enables us to understand more of our background , culture and roots through the comprehension and learning of the mother tongue

2.1.3. Inculcates strong moral values and slowly molding character into the children receiving education. Eg. Civics and Moral Education, Lectures during School Assemblies on Sexuality Education etc.

3. Food for thought

3.1. Does our current education necessarily brings about a better future for our younger generations?

3.2. Does our current education system provides a sense of societal direction for our younger generations by "batching students" or is this just restricting their creativity?