Rock Your Biz Booty Camp

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Rock Your Biz Booty Camp by Mind Map: Rock Your Biz Booty Camp

1. 1. Your Big Why - Finding Your Genius

1.1. Finding Your Genius

1.2. Victim/Commitment

1.3. Witches Brew - Genius, Loves & Skills (does this belong on Week 2?)

2. 2. Genius Loves & Skills

2.1. Your OMG-ness

2.2. Pull out the 1% you love and leverage the hell out of it!


3. 3. Your Target Tribe

3.1. Compassion: feel the pain of your tribe

3.2. Elevator Pitch

3.2.1. Maestro for breakout sessions

3.3. You are your tribe at some point in their development

3.4. Laser Coaching on Target Tribe during call

4. 4. Pain to Promise Land

4.1. Continuation of Target Tribe

4.2. Focus on compassion, finding the target pain- key concepts: people will transform when they feel seen

4.3. might use...respecting your current life (foundation principle)

4.4. make $ before you spend $

5. 5. Leverage is a girls best friend

5.1. Genius, Loves, Skils

6. 6. Fire Starting & Magnetic Selling

6.1. Your OMG-ness

6.2. **Giving people an experience - this relates to magnetic selling, creating a tribe, getting testimonials, and more

6.3. **Creating Urgency - getting people to say yes now (magnetic selling)

6.4. ****talk about completion and finishing strong as this is when people will peter off****

7. 7. Masculine/Feminine Energy

7.1. Balancing your masculine and feminine; when to tap into your M and F energies to increase your credibility and effectiveness

8. 1. Build a Leveraged Program (1-Many)

8.1. Tap into your STRENGTHS to build this

8.2. WHAT is a One-Many program & WHY you need to build your business around this concept;

8.3. HOMEWORK: What are my strengths? My witches brew?

9. 2. Leveraged Programs: Examples & Specifics

9.1. all successes were based on strengths & genius Loves & Skills

9.1.1. Prosperity Tribe (membership => association)

9.1.2. 40DN (group program, laser coaching)

9.1.3. Impact Posse (Affiliate model)

9.1.4. EIE, RYB Live Events

9.1.5. EIE Radio

9.1.6. RYB Mastermind

9.2. HOMEWORK: Noodling tapping into your genius in your program model: how can you be more leveraged?

10. 3. Launch Models Intro

10.1. Tap into your STRENGTHS & Genius

10.2. WHAT are some Launch Models & WHY you should build your launch on your strengths

10.3. HOMEWORK: What are my strengths in relation to my marketing? What launch models are attractive to me? Why?

11. 4. Launch Models: KSM Examples & Specifics

11.1. Specific examples of launches: what worked and why, what didn't work

11.1.1. 40DN program--video launch/telecall/affiliates

11.1.2. EIE Radio -- launched all programs from here for first few years

11.1.3. EIE Virtual Summit

11.1.4. Live event launch from stage

11.1.5. email campaign launch

11.1.6. Video campaign Launch

11.1.7. content-palooza launch within a program

11.2. all successes were based on strengths & genius Loves & Skills

11.3. HOMEWORK: Noodling - tap into your genius/strengths to develop a launch model that let's you shine.

12. 5. Choose Your Leverage Program

12.1. Radio Program

12.2. Affiliate Model??

12.3. Live Event

12.4. Membership Program

12.5. *****Pick 1 Biz Model & dive deep****

13. 6. Choose Your Launch Model

13.1. Telecall Launch

13.2. Email Campaign

13.3. Within another Program

13.4. ******Select 1 Launch model & dive deep*****

14. 7. Rock Your Biz: Putting it Together

14.1. Customize your Biz Model & your Launch Model based on your Witches Brew & Your Target Tribe

14.2. add in your Back End Booty Systems

14.3. sprinkle with your balanced energy

14.4. start some fires and magnetically sell

14.5. HOMEWORK: Complete the Playbook; revisit modules as you continue to tap into your Genius & build your LEVERAGED business