Booty Camp Wednesday Training Modules

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Booty Camp Wednesday Training Modules by Mind Map: Booty Camp Wednesday Training Modules

1. HighLevel Overview: Weeks 1 & 3

1.1. What is this?

1.2. Why is it important

1.3. Connecting your Genius to your Business, program & Launch models

1.4. HOMEWORK: clarity about genius/strengths with respect to models & promotions (leverage model & launch model)

2. KSM Experience: Successes & Mistakes: Weeks 2 & 4

2.1. what worked and why, what didn't work

2.2. all successes were based on strengths & genius Loves & Skills

2.3. HOMEWORK: application of KSM experience to self

3. Deep Dive for Deep Learning: Weeks 5 & 6 + GBonuses

3.1. 2-3 minute overview of each sub-module

3.2. 15min detailed video on each sub-module

3.3. PDF interactive workbook - part of PlayBook

3.4. PPT plus Audio

3.5. checklist PDF

3.6. HOMEWORK: selection of ONE sub-module and dive deep


4.1. All training modules will include the following: VIDEO of KSM sharing OVERVIEW for the week; PLAYBOOK: interactive workbook for extended, deeper learning SUPPORT documentation/exercises as listed