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Organizational Behaviour by Mind Map: Organizational Behaviour
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Organizational Behaviour

Chapter 1: What is Organizational Behaviour

Defining OB

Challenge In the Work Place

Making Sense of Behaviour in Organizations

Chapter 2: Perception, Personality and Emotions




Chapter 3: Values, Attitudes, and Diversity in the Workplace

What are Values?

How can we understand values across cultures?

Are there unique Canadian Values?

Chapter 4: Theories of Motivation

What is Motivation?

How do needs motivate People?

Are there other ways to motivate People?

Do equity and fairness matter?

What role does reinforcement play in motivation?

What are the ethics behind motivation theories?

Are N. American motivation theories applicable elsewhere?

Putting it all together

Chapter 6: Groups and Teamwork

What are Teams and Groups?

How does one become a team player?

Do teams go through stages while they work?

How do we create effective teams?

Are teams always the answer?

Chapter 5: Motivation in Action

Is money an important motivator? OBVS

What's an effective reward system look like?

How can jobs be designed to increase motivation?

Putting it Together - what motivates?

Chapter 12: Decision Making, Creativity, and Ethics

How Should Decisions be made?

how do individuals actually make decisions?

Improving Decision Making through Knowledge Management

Group Decision Making

Measures of Effectiveness

How can we get more creative decisions?

What's ethics and how can it be used for better decision makin

What is Corporate Resonsibility

Chapter 11: Leadership

Difference between a manager and a leader?

Traits, behaviours, situations that affect how one leads?

How does a leader lead with vision?