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Allison by Mind Map: Allison

1. Camping Packs

1.1. REI

1.1.1. Environmental Impact: They are trying to be a zero-waste company by the year 2020, and currently, most of their stores use solar energy.

1.1.2. REI offers retirement plans for all of their staff, healthcare, and even tuition reimbursement if they want to pursue higher education.

1.1.3. REI is a co-op, so the way they spend their money is determined by what the co-op members think is a good way to spend their money and what they should support.

1.2. Columbia

1.2.1. They have LEED Certified stores and make it part of their mission to reduce their foot print since they are an outdoor store.

1.2.2. They refuse to work with factories that do not provide workers with minimum wage, use child labor, or don't provide medical insurance.

1.2.3. They are dedicated to making sure that shareholders have a say in where their money goes and how it's used.

2. Shoes

2.1. Keen

2.1.1. Support water and land conservation

2.1.2. Give their money to non-profits that support their same environmental causes

2.1.3. Create opportunities for staff to help make a difference while also give them health care and above minimum wage salaries

2.2. Nike

2.2.1. They used recycled materials to make some of their shoes, but they are also known to use sweat shops and large factories to make their products

2.2.2. They build playgrounds made out of old, shredded shoes.

2.2.3. They have been known to allow poor conditions in their factories around the world

3. Books

3.1. Scholastic

3.1.1. They have a huge part in deforestation to create their books

3.1.2. They have been an advocate for early childhood education around the world, and a promoter of literacy in children.

3.1.3. They employ over 9500 people around the world and support many authors in their literary pursuits (I mean, they published Harry Potter)

3.2. Penguin Publishing

3.2.1. They have also had a huge part in world deforestation

3.2.2. They promote literacy and schools by donating books to various projects and non profits

3.2.3. They run 34 publishing companies and their own audio and e-book companies, employing thousands of people