Intro/Chapter 1

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Intro/Chapter 1 by Mind Map: Intro/Chapter 1

1. Favelas

1.1. Shantytowns

1.1.1. Poorly developed, collection of shacks, lower-class

2. Humor as a mask

2.1. Ironic humor-through the pain

2.1.1. hides the innocence that is lost from the misery

3. Humor provides insight

3.1. allows for easy understanding and access to impoverished women

4. "Escape-Valve"

4.1. The idea that humor allows for an avenue to vent, a lot

5. Mulkay-"Inconsistent"

5.1. Humor allows for different areas and insights to be revealed, but can differ

6. James Scott, 1985

6.1. The poor exert their opposition behind the scenes as gossip, humor, or grumbling

6.1.1. The rich have presence and power, ergo exert strength through resources Humor is a weapon of the weak

7. GAy, 1993

7.1. Humor can be a "sly act of dignity"

7.1.1. Subtle way of insubordination

7.1.2. Like when the story is told of both the mother and unborn child being born

8. "Laughter is always the laughter of the group"

9. Carnaval

9.1. Allows for the poor and rich to party together

9.1.1. the rich don't act proper the poor dress in costumes like the rich

9.2. Allows an outlet for Brazil to remain sane, get away from social norms

9.3. Carnaval is a time where the social decaying concerns of society to be banished