Education Technology

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Education Technology by Mind Map: Education Technology

1. Looking Back, Thinking Forward

1.1. 1910 Episcope (early opaque projector)

1.2. 1922 Thomas Edison believed motion picture would revolutionize the education system

1.3. 1923 schools used more media= slides motion pictures to improve instruction

1.4. 1933 52% schools use silent films, 3% use sound films

1.5. 1940 military training, US government produced 457 instructor training films and purchased 55k film projectors

1.6. 1945 Electronic Numerical integrator & computer completed & tested at the University of Pennsylvania

1.7. 1950 television in classroom

1.8. 1970 calculator

1.9. 1977 "No reason anyone would want a computer in their home" Ken Olson

1.10. 1980 more people using computers

1.11. 1981 "640k enough for anyone" Bill Gates

1.12. 1980's cassette walkman, beta, computer, windows, power point, CD walkman

1.13. 1990 CD player, windows advanced

1.14. 2000 more websites, smaller monitor screens, more technology, more diverse technology, DVD, blue-ray players

2. Did You Know Shift Happens

2.1. 150 million people born this year, 1 in a million in China =1300 people like you, India=1100 people like you

2.2. 25% of population in China with highest IQs = greater then population in the USA, in India top 28%, they have more honor kids then we have kids

2.3. 60 babies born in USA every 8 minutes, 244 babies in China, 351 babies in India

2.4. USA Department of Labor estimates today's learner will have 10-14 jobs by age 38

2.5. 1 out of 4 workers been with current employer for less then 1 year, 1 in 2 less then 5 years

2.6. top 10 jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004, colleges currently preparing students for jobs that haven't been invented

2.7. 2002 Nintendo invested 140 million dollars in research and development, US federal government spent less then 1/2 that on research and innovation in education

2.8. everyday 61% seniors 50-65 & 46% 65+ use email

2.9. 20% 50-65 13% 65+visit social networks

2.10. 2 billion people currently use the internet

2.11. 31 billion searches on google each month

2.12. 175+ million users connect to facebook each moment

2.13. if facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest country after China and India

2.14. 1 in 5 divorces are blamed on facebook

2.15. Netflix has 22 million hours of tv shows, or movies watched daily

2.16. Pandora has 19 million+ hours of music streamed daily, Zynga has 1 petabyte+ game content processed daily

2.17. Daily big data stream, 15 terabytes of facebook data, 2 million+ blog post, 300 billion+ emails

2.18. 4k+ books are published daily

2.19. 2.7 zeta-bytes of unique information will be created worldwide this year which is more information than the previous 5k years

2.20. the amount of new technology is doubling every two years by 2X, by the time college students are in their 3rd year this information will be outdated

3. 3 Phases Of Educational Technology

3.1. Teachers that use technology to deliver dynamic lessons

3.2. teachers use presentation stations, white boards, power points, key notes, united streaming

3.3. students don't get what they don't see

3.4. students use technology to access content and knowlege

3.5. students use web search, web quest, wiki spaces and online encyclopedias

3.6. communication, collaboration, creation/content

3.7. students as producers-movies, pod casts, product

3.8. students as publishers, peer reviewer, audience gets students engaged in the topic, and gets students to share what they have learned or done

4. A Vision Of K-12 Students Today

4.1. Students game 3 1/2 hours a week

4.2. students watch tv 16 1/2 hours a week

4.3. students 5 1/2 hours on the computer a week

4.4. Students read 2 hours a week

4.5. Students on ipad 5 hours a week

4.6. 76% teachers haven't used wikis, blogs or pod casts

4.7. at least once a week 14% of teachers let students create something with technology, 63% never do

4.8. 61% reading teachers never use digital story telling software

4.9. 1/2 students in USA will graduate