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antarctica by Mind Map: antarctica

1. history

1.1. It was the ancient Greeks who first came up with the idea of Antarctica.

1.2. Captain Thaddeus Bellingshausen made the first sighting of the continent.He described it as an ice field covered in small hillocks.

1.3. The first person to sail alone there was David Henry Lewis, from New Zealander.

2. weather

2.1. it is the coldest and the windiest of all continents

2.2. there are three climatic regions there

2.2.1. The interior of the continent is really cold with a little snowfall

2.2.2. The coastal areas have milder temperature and alot more rain.

2.2.3. The Antarctic Peninsula region has a warmer and wetter climate and above-freezing temperatures.

3. tourist attractions

3.1. emperor penguins safari

3.2. the last marathon

3.3. get a helocopter tour of polar animals

3.4. visit historic sites and follow in famous peoples steps

3.5. kayaking and camping on ice