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Garden Focus Group by Mind Map: Garden Focus Group
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Garden Focus Group

Farming I

1. Share production estimates, actual production values, - Farming II - Financial Management

2. Communicate planting, maintenance, and harvest schedules, specifically to: - Farming II - Infrastructure and Maintenance - Educational curriculum development

Farming II

1. Share crop management, pest management and fertilization instructions and updates with - Farming I - Infrastructure and Mainenance - Educational curriculum + development

2. Discuss issues related to value added products - Farming I (produce yields, requirements) - Educational curriculum development (schedule) - Financial Management (Resource needs, costs, sales estimates)

Educational curriculum development

1. Present educational curriculum on an ongoing basis

2. Present and discuss material needs - Financial Management

Infrastructure and Maintenance

1. Present and receive infrastructure issues, discuss repair and modification requests - Farming I + II - Financial Management/Bookkeeping

2. Discuss maintenance schedules and systems - Farming I+II

Financial Management/Bookkeeping

1. Discuss budget and share budget updates, changes with group

2. Share monthly reports with group/direction and management

Special Events, Bookings and Visitors, external communications

1. Update group on bookings of horticultural education workshops, special events, garden visitors, consultants, other users

2. Update group on external communications, promotional materials

3. Consult for updates